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Careful, though: Any bitterness could turn combative and contentious fast. While you should definitely stand up for your rights, avoid getting dragged into dramatic fights that derail your mission.

The eighth house is also associated with joint ventures. This month could bring an exciting and lucrative opportunity to combine your superpowers for a shared win. Just be careful not to rush into any entanglements, especially with friends.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

On October 3, karmic powerhouse Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde nap, powering forward in your eleventh house of groups and teams. A stalled collaboration could pick up speed and you may find group dynamics improving hooray! Structured Saturn, the planet of boundaries, is also in Capricorn, forcing you to make wiser choices about the people you call friends.

Just watch your back on October 7, when the Sun forms its semiannual square to Saturn. You could feel torn between dueling needs for control and collaboration. How much power should you distribute democratically and how much should you keep for yourself? Tension could increase around the distribution of power and resources when this aspect repeats on October 27, this time involving Mars and Saturn. Midmonth, pull back and focus on practical matters. The key message: Be here now!

Take a moment to get grounded in your everyday life or to finish up a lingering project. Roll up your sleeves and plan to hustle. Reward yourself with a long massage and a decadent meal for all that effort.

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Have you gone as far as you can in a professional position? Since full moons can mark endings and transitions, you might decide to give notice soon after this date. In another tricky twist, this full moon will lock into a tense square with Pluto in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology.

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Think twice before doing business with friends. A jealous or undermining person at work may need to be confronted. Be careful about doing it too directly—you might need to circumvent them or go over their head. This full moon is an ideal day for a digital detox. Step away from social media and all the emotions it stirs up and go enjoy time in nature or doing something pampering and restorative!

Daily Horoscopes 12222

Perspective returns on October 23, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your ninth house of adventure, travel and expanded horizons. All that deep reflecting of the past month will yield a refreshing wider-angle view of the world. On October 27, the Scorpio new moon really gets you seeing limitless possibilities—and talking about them! An honest conversation today could open up new levels of closeness and mutuality. Suddenly, all the dots start connecting, and you can see the bigger picture. Time to emerge a butterfly, Pisces! Travel, study or even a little staycation can get your groove back.

Your mind will be hungry for novelty, so whatever you do, swing far out of your comfort zone under this new moon. Thinking of starting a business or an independent media project? These moonbeams favor creative and enterprising moves.

Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

A communication curveball is also possible at this new moon, which will stand opposite radical Uranus in your third house of ideas and information. News could come out of left field, or you might receive a message that changes everything on a dime. Get the Horoscope Guide! Cancer Weekly Horoscope.

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This lesson may finally hit home on Monday, October 7, when the big-hearted Sun in your foundational fourth house the natural Cancer center clashes with unappeasable Saturn in your relationship realm. But before you point any fingers or blow up over this, own your role in the dynamic. This could come from not feeling loveable enough as you are.

You've got plenty of caring people in your world. Perhaps this is a moment to pull back a little and let them realize how much they actually need—and adore—you. Fire up your love light! This Tuesday, amorous Venus grooves into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until November 1. Regardless of your current status—from single to married to anything in between—your mojo is rising and, with it, your visibility.

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  • astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces Astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces
    astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces Astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces
    astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces Astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces
    astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces Astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces
    astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces Astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces
    astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces Astrotwins weekly horoscope pisces

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