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Mercury comes into an exact square with Pluto today, lending an intensity to the climate. Mercury, in relation to Pluto, leads to penetrating insights, profundity of thought and an intensity of concentr. The 6th house rules the following: Your health.

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Your work ethic. Service TO others.


Service FROM others. The food industry. Working for or with the. What is not clear, so I may help and clarify!

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Am I missing something? Moon enters Virgo, 26th September The Moon enters the bright, attentive and perspicacious sign of Virgo today. Our eyes are widened some, and take in the detail into our emotional realms, bringing clarity and perspective. Less weighed dow. Venus Square Saturn, 25th September Venus forms a Square with Saturn today lending a sense of separateness in our intimate relationships,a sense of despondency in ourselves or, perhaps, an issue regarding finance.

The Square aspect in the. Please check your inbox. Any planets that fal. Moon enters Leo, 24th September The Moon enters the fun loving, expressive, creative sign of Leo today.

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It is a warm-hearted, gregarious placement and brings energy and pizzazz to the climate. The Moon formed a trine with Uranus today, ad. Did you know that we all have 3 signs which are our sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign? Tag your friends! Welcome to your season, Libra.

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On Sept. The cadent houses are the weakest houses in the astrological chart. Any planets that fall. Virgo is one of the natural rulers of the 3rd. It means that Mercury is your 3rd house ruler. Check what house and sign your Mercury fall in to see how your 3rd house matters will manifest.

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Autumnal Equinox and Sun in Libra, 23rd September Ik I'm a Taurus but idk the other stuff. Mercury Square Saturn, 22nd September Mercury, planet of communication, commerce, expression, forms a Square aspect with Saturn, planet of application, restriction, the time principle, today. It is a moment of deep thinking, or communica. Happy anniversary or best friendship!

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Choose from 11 or 15 oz mugs. Subscribe Our Newsletters. Email Address. Thanks for Subscribe. Upnext Articles. View All. The planet of Venus is associated with the fifth day of the week Friday. Venus is called as Shukra in Hindi and Friday too is named Shukrawaar, owing to this association.

Nature and Caste: Venus is Rajasik in nature and is a Brahmin by caste. It is the second nearest planet to the Sun after Mercury. As per the Vedic texts, it is also known by the name of Bhargava or Shukracharya. In Shastras, it is said to be the preceptor of the Daityas and the Guru of the Rakshasas.

It is also the master of Yoga and the one who knows the Sanjeevani Mantra a formula that can be used to revive the dead. True to its name- Shukra, that means the 'Pure One' or the 'Bright One', Venus is really bright and magnetic, and is known to bless the natives under its influence with the same. It gets exalted in Pisces and is debilitated in the sign of Virgo. Libra is his Moolatrikona sthana and Taurus is his Swakshetra or own House. Venus is known as the Cosmic Poet, Musician, Artist, Charmer and Entertainer Fundamentally, the planet of Venus is all about love, harmony, beauty and luxuries, and in Astrology, it represents comforts, grandeur, opulence, wealth, aesthetics, finesse, grace and charm, magnetism and charisma, expensive clothes or apparel, perfumes and sweet fragrances, costly gadgets or possessions, lavish vehicles, jewellery, creative expression, indulgence, sensual pleasures, marriage - wife, marital and conjugal bliss, women, feminism, accessories-ornaments-items-apparels belonging to women, partnerships, hotels, restaurants, beautiful and well-decorated mansions-villas or houses, places of beauty, amusement parks, theatres, shopping malls, beauty parlours, saloons, spas and resorts, places of enjoyment and recreation; fine arts like music, dance, singing, painting, drawing; fields like acting, drama, theatrics amongst various other things.

Venus is considered as the planet that helps us present a refined and more attractive side of our self to the external world. In Astrology, it is held as the second most auspicious planet after Jupiter. It is believed to be always noble and kind to the living beings in the Universe. The tricksters and shapeshifters, they thrive in the chaos. They board the confused ship, throwing over and assuming the forms of shipmates. From there they slowly overthrow from the inside, until they can crash the ship itself into to sea for the mer to reap their rewards.

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Cancer: The rarest and most beautiful of the mer. Hiding in springs and rivers nestled deep in the mountains, they live their lives as one with nature. They teach the birds their songs, and bring fish for the bear and deer. They help the beavers build their dams and show lost turtles the way. On the full moon they must hide, for man seeks them for their own selfish gain.

Leo: These mer are known for their hunting prowess. Living in saltwater and decorated in bright vivid greens, blues and purples, they dominate entire lagoons and coasts. When they are full from the hunt, they lay their bodies out on the rocks and bathe in the sun.

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By nightfall, they are glowing and can light up the murkiest parts of the water to find their prey. Virgo: In unsuspecting ponds across the world, a fisherman may meet his brutal end at the hands of these mer. Rich brown, thin and boney, their bodies are perfect creating elaborate underground tunnels and rooms. They eat their prey, and take their treasures back to their secret lairs. Here they trade and barter with one another in one large room. Their unspoken diplomacy is unexplained.

white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
white lotus tarot sagittarius 2020 White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020
White lotus tarot sagittarius 2020

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