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Latha Rajinikanth originally called by her name latha rengachari was married to actor rajinikanth ever since february She was born on March 1st Latha rajinikanth Horoscope is a perfect match as her birth star happens to be sattabisha sathayam nakshatra kumbha rasi.

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Interestingly dhanush birth star, simbhu birth star happen to be the same. If you look at it real close rajinikanth has jupiter in this star in 7th house. He got married to latha during jupiter dasa jupiter bukthi making it a perfect match. Though latha looks calm and simple she is a person with full of rahu characters.

She never likes someone coming up in life. To be honest a person who is extremely jealous, always comparing herself with others etc. During her jupiter dasa she married rajini keeping all these under control. The post Latha Rajinikanth Horoscope appeared first on Aroopam. Actor dhanush has been constantly being tortured owing to issues related to his parenting ever since last year.

The latest issue being tweets published by RJ suchitra. Also soundarya divorce last year has created waves in his family life. He was rumoured to have been in relationship with amala paul. All these led to very big issue in his family. Now dhanush is seeking astrology advice to perform remedies to come out of these problems.

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The post Dhanush seeking astrology remedies appeared first on Aroopam. Mercury is in kendra from lord of lagna or 10th house. A person with brahma yoga in his horoscope will have the following benefits : 1 He will enjoy luxurious food. Venus is often associated with food, luxury, travel 2 He will be respected by brahmins, learned man. Jupiter is often associated with brahmin community. Though venus is often lord of asuras he is again a brahmin by nature. Henceforth the person will have qualities respected by brahmin 3 He will be highly learned.

Dinakaran daily horoscope

Planet jupiter and mercury are often associated with learning, education 4 He will be long-lived 5 He will be a humanitarian and do charitable deeds He will be very nice, truthful and always do good deeds. The post Brahma yoga appeared first on Aroopam. For any horoscope there are certain dasas that are considered most favorable.

A well known personality rajinikanth had best results during jupiter dasa and his ascendant happens to be leo, jayalalithaa had best results during rahu dasa and her ascendant happens to be gemini called mithuna lagnam. Lets consider different ascendants and see which planetary dasa will be fruitful in achieving their lifetime benefits Aries ascendant — This is the first rasi in zodiac ruled by planet mars.

Mars happens to be the lord of first and eight house in zodiac as well as this lagnam hence not much beneficial.


Jupiter happens to be lord of nineth house and twelfth house. Hence, this gives average results considering its 12th house issues. Lord of 10th house, 11th house saturn will give best results when posited in 6th house. Venus is neutral. Rahu the planet ruling 11th house will bestow best results when placed in 6th house.

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IF rahu is posited in 9th house the person will make lot of money in illegal means. Rahu in 5th house when positioned in pooram star bestows better results though not the best Taurus also called Vrishabha lagna — Taurus ascendant is ruled by planet venus. In general mercury dasa serves as the best period in life of a person born in taurus ascendant.

Saturn is also found to bring best results. MErcury in 5th house, 9th house, 10th house particularly when placed in moon stars like hastha, shravana will bring about best results. Mercury in sathabisha star in kumbha rasi will make a person millionaire out of business. They make ton lot of money in travel business Gemini lagnam — Also called mithuna lagna will get best results only in rahu dasa. Dasa of moon will give them financial benefits but will not guarantee best peace of mind Cancer — Mars loves to help moon all the time.

Dasa period of mars is found to bring them best results Leo Lagna — Jupiter is the best dasa particularly jupiter when placed in kumbha the seventh house bestows best results. One living example is living legendary actor rajinikanth.

2012 rasi palan dinakaran

Mars is often considered best and when placed in ascendant or lagna leo mars bestows great results. Note that mars is ruler of 4th and 9th house for leo ascendant. Hence even if mars is in 6th house, it is typically exalted making it the best benefactor with great lands and real estate benefits Virgo also called kanni ascendant — Venus is the best planet that brings them best results. Venus is the lord of second and nineth house making it the best benefactor that bestows results when posited in best houses like 9th house, 12th house. One exception on this happens to be venus in 5th house.

Though venus in 5th house is often considered best in this case the makara has dhanishta star 3 padams the biggest enemy of mercury hence not making it often beneficial. If venus in 5th house maka also called aquarius is placed in shravanam star ruled by moon this offers best benefits after marriage and children are born Libra the thulam lagna — Saturn offers them very best results and when placed in libra makes them king. One good example is telugu megastar actor chiranjeevi. MErcury the lord of 9th and 12th houses is often found to ebstow benefits even though mercury is placed in 12th house Scorpio — Planet jupiter offers them best results Sagittarius — Period of moon, mars, saturn are found to be favorable.

However, rahu is found to bring best luck One good example is shri dhirubhai ambani Capricorn — Rahu dasa brings them best results. Rahu when placed in virgo bestows them best results Aquarius — Jupiter offers them luck, venus when placed in 9th house brings in good luck and best results Meena — Pisces has average married life, will get better luck from planet mars. The post Best dasa different ascendants appeared first on Aroopam. Gangai amaran the music director,director, actor turned politician is the present BJP candidate contesting from R.

Nagar the star constituency where former chief minister of tamilnadu late selvi jayalalithaa was elected two consecutive times ever since election. In this post lets analyse the horoscope of gangai amaran and see his chances of winning the bi-election from R. Nagar based on his horoscope details Gangai amaran was born on december 8th at pannaipuram village madurai district theni district tamilnadu India.

Interestingly his borth star happens to be chitra the star ruled by planet mars. Mars is posited in magha star. Mars is in 11th house from moon making it extra lucky and more powerful.

Astrology – Aroopam

Saturn the second significant planet for politics is placed in ashlesha star. As far as cancer sign goes this is not a great position for saturn making it neutral as mercury and saturn combination though considered good, in this typical sign will not have very great benefit Most prominent planet Jupiter much needed for rajyam and expansion is in scorpio at anusham star. This is second from moon and fourth star from chitr star making it very great and powerful.

Also, this combination is much needed for success in movies making him popular in movies and music Overall his chances of winning in politics is very good and great. Now coming to the election date april 12th , lets see how things will play out as far as his horoscope goes April 12th chennai falls on swati star. Interestingly, this is second star from chitra making the best day for gangai amaran. Gangai amaran is currently under the influence of kethu dasa. Kethu the planet that offers best to chitra star is in retrograde position in satahbisha the star of planet rahu one of the best houses of kethu in kumbha rasi on april 12th , mercury is in ashwin nakshatra mesha rasi, mars is in krithika nakshatra mesha rasi, venus is in krithika nakshatra mesha rasi.

Though the star in his base charts favor his political career, overall on the day of April 12th his planetary positions are not so favorable. Henceforth, this will help gangai amaran with his political career but chances of winning this R. Nagar election is very slim for gangai amaran Jay Deepa Horoscope Jayalalithaa Niece Sasikala Horoscope O Panneerselvam horoscope ops kundli analysis Edappadi palanisamy horoscope chief minister of tamilnadu Jayalalitha admitted dead ramaseetha apollo doctor confirms deepa peravai meet.

The post Gangai amaran horoscope appeared first on Aroopam.

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dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
dinakaran astrology in tamil Dinakaran astrology in tamil
Dinakaran astrology in tamil

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