March monthly horoscope aquarius

You may enjoy a mini family reunion that includes some form of sports or competition.

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This new vitality will cap years of having your ruling planet, Uranus, surprising and perhaps exhausting you with twists and turns in communication projects, public speaking gigs, and family concerns with sibs. Congratulations on surviving the upheaval! Take a moment to toast your achievements and then leave past conflict behind as you welcome a new and more fun era. You or a family member may see a breakthrough, or a work project involving overseas colleagues may reach a conclusion. Pay attention to whatever information surfaces for you at this time.

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Your email address will not be published. March Astrology March promises an unusual, paradoxical mix of astrological energies.

Enjoy Your Month! Bookmark this page so you can revisit your horoscope throughout this month. Have a happy March, Aquarius! I wish you a wonderful month! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer Who Is Anne? March 1st and 2nd are your power play days as well as the 29th and 30th.

These are the days you should be seen and heard from. Go after what you want whether it be a raise or a relationship. People will seek you out for your services or your companionship. On the 6th Another advantageous aspect occurs when Venus joins Neptune and sextiles your Sun in the 11th house. New opportunities for creative projects are presented especially those concerned with music or other studies. You can read people like the back of your hand. Explore the use of telepathy by practicing on your pets and friends and see how often you come up right.

Be aware of clocks, watches and calendars around you. The Virgo Lunar Eclipse on the 14th has you spending time alone. You may be spending extra time visiting a hospital either for your own tests or to visit someone else. Replenish your energy by planning a day off from work. Set time aside to nourish your private side.

Welcome to Pisces season!

Find a pleasant pastime that helps you to reconnect, relax and take a break from life. Forget about the others for once. Mars now in Gemini squares retrograde Mercury. This may cause you to replace a vehicle that you presently drive. Examine options promptly but wait until after the 26th to execute that choice. Verify departure times and reservation before traveling with Mercury retrograde there is sure to be glitches and delays.

Make allowance for inclement weather and pack extra dry comfortable clothing and shoes. You may receive some type of investment bonus, insurance or tax refund now. Enjoy it but put some towards your new wheels or car repairs before spending it all. On the 29th the Solar Eclipse in your sign brings a transformation of you personally.

You may find a new side of yourself developing over the next several months. One that is self-assured and courageous. A complete change in your belief system occurs that may be life changing as Pluto trines your Sun from the 9th house and sextiles Mars. Your ideas about higher education and religion are first to be revised.

A brother may be involved or partially responsible for this change.

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There is no doubt that you share a special telepathy or connection with them now. You may find yourself communicating with those who have passed in a dream or vision. Brilliant ideas can be exchanged that border on genius. This contributes to a very well planned future. Making your usable skills more salable will be part of the plan as Mars makes itself at home in your money house. Ruling planet Venus in your 11th house of friendship joins with Neptune to make you in a very sociable mood. You may be going out for more than casual drinks with a friend now. You know your tendency to love food and good drink and there are certain friends that would like to see to it that you get more than your share of it.

Saturn causes some concern over one or both of your parents as well as your home environment. You may find yourself cutting corners to stick to a budget when repair costs add up. You may not care though as the Lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Virgo tickles your fancy from your fifth house of love affairs. You find yourself walking on air and in need of a reality check. Either way be prepared for some profound revelation to take place. All surprises linked directly to matters of the heart now. Wait until after this period to go by as well as the direct station of Mercury on the 26th before you run off to elope.

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You may be surprised to find your true romantic wishes are changed to contain something much more magical. Consider it an omen when you see one. These are days the Moon revisits your sign and gives you an extra boost of energy. On the th set time aside for yourself and conserve energy. The 29th Solar eclipse highlights your 12th house. You find yourself using creative ideas you receive from dreams and your subconscious and directing them into manifestation. You receive extra money for the precise or difficult work that you must complete. Supportive partners and friends can make it all worthwhile when they demonstrate patience and understanding of your long work hours.

With ruling planet Venus at the top of your chart joined to Neptune you find some obscure way to make it all work.

Aquarius March 2017 Horoscope Monthly

The Eclipse teaches you to find courage and forge ahead. Bring it out for others to see as healing energy allows you to make positive changes for the future. Feeling a bit irritable lately? Control your temper and get motivated to complete projects and start new ones.

Exercise is your best option to burn off some of that excess testosterone you may be feeling right now. Master yoga and then return to massage your hands with fragrant oils and lotions like a professional would.

Your entire body will be enhanced by this practice so use it to calm your nerves and relax. March 6th and 7th are your favorite days this month. The Lunar Eclipse in Virgo opens up new avenues of opportunity. Your home environment may change significantly and a new career takes off. Uranus, Mercury and the Sun all visit the top of your chart concerned with professional and social status. Get ready for a big transformation to take place. Eclipses effect you over several months and often can be felt before the actual date.

Travel may be included in your itinerary now as Venus and Neptune join forces in your 9th house.

March monthly horoscope aquarius
March monthly horoscope aquarius
March monthly horoscope aquarius
March monthly horoscope aquarius
March monthly horoscope aquarius
March monthly horoscope aquarius

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