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A great change is happening this week as we see Uranus, the planet of rebellion, innovation, and the unexpected step out of Aries and into Taurus for the first time in roughly 84 years.

March 3 Birthday Horoscope

This is a major event and will set the tone for the next seven years. It was back in when we last saw Uranus change signs and its impact has been felt throughout the last seven years. Uranus delivers the unexpected and while in Taurus we can expect to see some innovation and, perhaps disruption in our financial institutions or significant earth-bound events. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and changes likely to occur will be those tied foundational entities. All Tauruses and fellow earth-signs, Virgo and Capricorn will be in line for unanticipated news and discoveries.

Elsewhere, the cosmic energy of the week will be a balance between water and earth. Naturally, water and earth mix well together. Yes, they do make mud, but they are compatible and therein lies the harmony. Whereas, Saturn and Pluto continue their slow movement through Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign. The linkage between these planets and their associated elements is one of support which is desperately needed right now.

This is a complex alignment and requires an array of symbols and themes, but the most prominent is the connection between Saturn and Neptune, but also Mars, currently in Taurus, also an earth sign. Saturn and Neptune together form a responsible approach to that which is nebulous or uncertain. Difficult problems that require research and attention are likely as well as unusual spiritual experiences.

With Mars involved, there may be a tendency towards perseverance, and a dogged tenacity to repair that which might be misaligned or out of sorts. Where these linkages occur in your life will depend on the specific details of your own unique birth information, but they are worthy of investigating since they can be powerful and restorative if handled properly.

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To find out where alignments occur in your chart, contact me for more detailed information at cflisher gmail. We are also entering into a Mercury retrograde period commencing on March 5 and lasting roughly three weeks. Mercury is just at the last degrees of Pisces and it will reverse motion from our viewpoint on Earth.

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While in Pisces the planet of communication can cast an array of confusing and inaccurate statements. Since Neptune is directly involved in the latter part of this retrograde, we can be sure that communications will be garbled and obfuscated.

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When Neptune and Mercury are involved the themes tend to bend towards the surreal and fantastical, but they can also fall into wreckless hyperbole and inflated nuance. It will be important to issue discernment in all conversations and communiques. While flights of imagination can also soar into real and imagined perception, remember that the tendency towards false narratives and skewed logic are also highly likely. Mercury stations direct on March 28 and then must traipse back over the same ground that it covered during the retrograde, so it will be in Pisces for close to two months testing our ability to discern fact from fiction.

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Pisces Forecast

You may be in the midst of a transition this week as conversations swirl around fantastical ideas and mysticism. The Sun and Neptune are conjunct and your imagination may soar. If you have been diligently pursuing new career options you might stumble upon the ideal job for your skill set. Be careful with details and contracts though. Read thoroughly. Expect to see a lot of chatter and confusion when working with business associates. You may witness bouts of hyperbole and false statements made to protect or to shield others.

Your motives may be unusual and revolutionary but you may be determined to pursue them nonetheless. Jupiter transit is one of the major planetary transits of the year.

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