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The Cancer Horoscope predicts that this year would be an amalgamation of outcomes that come from hard work, persistence, and struggles that you would put in through the entire year. You just need to be ready to face them, however sudden they might be, and not let your emotional being get the better of you. Saturn is transiting into the sign opposite to Cancer, and hence the hard work would show positive effects only after persistent sincerity at work in The starting of the year would present you with diverse opportunities, as per the Horoscope for Cancer, to give you success, and you should utilize every privilege you get to cash in on the period for your growth and giving your work the required push.

Therefore, control your temperament, try to handle situations with patience, and think before taking the final decision for things.


The Astrological Report for Cancer predicts that Rahu would be transiting in your house of income from 23 September , as it would be in its retrograde motion apparent movement of planets in the opposite direction , and this would bring chances of multiple income sources to you as a Cancer native, as per the Cancer Horoscope for Past health issues might rise again, from 14 May to 13 September , so try to be conscious about your health and take the required precautions for treatment, so that you get well soon and are able to come out of the illness.

All of you Cancers who are students, can expect good news and open opportunities for career in , from 18 June to 16 August Therefore, be prepared to utilize these to the best of their scope, so that you are able to get the best possible choice for yourself. From 22 May to 4 May , Mars and Saturn are in conjunction in your birth chart as a Cancer, and therefore, in , you should be careful not to fall prey to anxiety and aggression, which might further lead to you getting depressed and sad, suggests the Cancer Horoscope Get your fortune predictions for Majority of decisions in your life have emotional aspect more than the practical one.

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Read More. Cancer Marriage Horoscope : is going to be a bag full of surprises for Cancer Moon Sign natives. If you'd like to know what your destiny might hold, read the horoscopes for both your sun and rising sign:. This solar eclipse will affect your perspective of your family and home life.

How do the stars affect your romantic life? Come to check our daily horoscopes!

Let it bring you closer to the people who matter most to your heart and help you create a space that you enjoy living in. You deserve to feel safe with people you love and accepted in the place you call home. Your communication sector is being transformed by this solar eclipse.

Your Solar Eclipse In Cancer 12222 Horoscope Will Help You Stay True To Your Heart

There may be a desire to speak your mind and refine the way you express yourself with others. Your mind will be racing and a desire to be productive and knowledgable will overtake you. There could even be a shift in a sibling relationship. There are financial changes in the works taking place during this solar eclipse. Whether this signifies a loss or a gain, it's all shifting your perspective of what you need in order to feel more stable and autonomous.

This will also refine your ability to feel more self-accepting. This solar eclipse has the power to completely transform your identity.

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You're leaving behind a perspective of yourself that may be holding you back from success. You're becoming the person you're meant to be and radiating your truth. The universe won't leave you behind. It's time to grow. There may be a desire to spend some time alone on this solar eclipse, as it activates the sector of your chart that has to do with your secret world. You may be reckoning with revelations that take place within and replenish your spiritual nature.

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  8. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. This solar eclipse will shift your view of the people you spend time with. You might leave behind a community of people you no longer vibe with and become closer to a group of likeminded individuals.

    You might even become passionate about a certain cause or charity. Make the world a better place.

    Cancer The Crab

    A career transformation may take place during this solar eclipse. You're putting yourself out there and demanding recognition for all your hard work. You want the world to see you for your accomplishments and you want to be successful in what you're passionate about. Take a chance on a new path.

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    Your horizons will expand on this solar eclipse. A narrow perspective of yours will widen and you'll feel hungry for more. This may mean the start of a journey that brings you a wealth of experience, such as traveling or studying a new subject. A spontaneous opportunity may rock your world.

    You're shedding your spiritual skin on this solar eclipse and a deep and powerful internal transformation may take place.

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